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Southwest Georgia Food Bank in need

October 19, 2005

Albany- South Georgia charities are preparing for the holidays with fewer donations and more mouths to feed. Boxes of food in the Food Bank of Southwest Georgia warehouse don't stay long.

Hurricane evacuees on top of the usual demand is keeping workers at the Food Bank busy sending incoming donations, back out the door.

"We've been making a lot of deliveries to Sumter Counties, Americus, Moultrie, and Dougherty County and we've been taking some stuff to Mitchell County as well," said Dwayne Myles, Executive Director, Food Bank of Southwest Georgia.

More mouths to feed and a decrease in donations is a recipe for concern. "It's been hard on the expense side of things and we've been needing a lot of volunteers," said Myles.

With Hurricane Wilma threatening Florida, demands could increase. "It actually could affect us. We're not really worried we got disaster relief plans to handle that matter, but we don't know," said Myles.

In a normal year, the food bank provides four million pounds of food, this year they expect to provide five million and they're counting on the community for help.

"We're probably going to need double the food. You know we took up 45,000 pounds and that's a record and to double that number you know we're talking about 90,000 pounds of food in a three day food drive," said Myles.

The Food Bank will hold their annual "Can Do" drive, November ninth, tenth, and eleventh and hopes the community will give generously.

"As far as monetary gifts it's usually low so, I think that the community will step up," said Myles.

Without the assistance many families could go hungry during one of the neediest times of the year.

The Food Bank of Southwest Georgia says money is the best gift you can give. For every dollar donated, they can buy up to seven dollars of food.


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