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Red Dragon brings the heat to flu bugs

October 19, 2005

Moultrie -- Avian flu has killed millions of birds worldwide and more than 60 people. If it is not contained, there is a fear the strain could mutate and cause a pandemic. But there is one method that is working to combat the virus.

The red dragon was shown off in the propane building at Spence Field Wednesday. The Dragon is a fire-breathing machine that will kill Avian Flu, by treating chicken house floors with super-hot flame produced from six propane-powered nozzles. The unit is pulled behind a tractor.

"One of our Texas dealers was asked to participate in a sanitizing of a farm that had Avian flu, and they were satisfied with the results," said Steve Koch of Flame Engineering.

The machine will also kill salmonella.

Since the Red Dragon was used in Texas to kill avian flu, there have been no new cases of the virus


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