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Receiving Some Attention

October 18, 2005

Leesburg - D'Vontrey Richardson is the name most associated with the Lee County football team.

As the star quarterback with a full ride to Florida State, it stands to reason.

But there's more to the Trojans than just their QB.

While Lee County quarterback D'Vontrey Richardson is having a special season, Trojans head coach David Johnson says it's important not to over look the job done by his wide receivers.

"If he has nobody to catch it, it doesn't make a difference who he throws it to."

Matt Rash says, "We gotta make him look good. He makes our job easy, so we gotta make him look decent."

Senior Josh Albert says they keep things simple.

"It's been awesome having Devo as our quarterback. He's allowed us so many opportunities to just catch the ball. He doesn't make it difficult on us. We just get open, he throws it to us, and then we catch it and run."

Josh Tolbert says, "It's real fun. Just get open, and he'll throw it to you. He isn't selfish."

The Trojans are in their second year with a new offensive system, and Will Hackett says the results are clear.

"We have so many plays we can run, and I'm just really liking the way it's turning out. As you can see we're scoring a lot more points this year."

And the Trojans say success comes from practice.

"We pretty much know where each other's going to be," says Albert.

Hackett adds, "His accuracy is so great, all you have to do is just be where you're supposed to be, and he'll get the ball to you."

8-1 Lee County wraps ups its regular season Friday night at Thomasville Central.

Both teams are undefeated in the region.

Kick-off for the game is set for 7:30 p.m.


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