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City to move forward with five-year plan

October 18, 2005

Albany- City Manager Alfred Lott says under the original proposal for the five-year strategic plan, consulting firm Capital Principles would have stay on for 45 days to help implement the plan, but he wants department heads to do that.

"I realize that this does put some pressure on the department directors, but such is life that's the way it's going to be. It's in the right hands. They should run the city. They can handle this sort of thing. The people I've been working with are more than capable of executing this plan," Lott says.

He doesn't want to totally severe ties with the firm, but remove them as a crutch. He wants to bring Capital Principles back over the next several months to conduct in-progress reviews, which is expected to cost about $67,000 in addition to the $196,000 they've already been paid. Still, Lott says it's far less than what the city expected to pay the firm.

"So they'll be sort of an honest broker to make sure that we're doing it right as we look at ourselves for the next three months."

The city manager says he'll take on extra responsibility too. His plan calls scraping the hiring of a third assistant city manager, something commissioners were also opposed to.

"There are certain aspects of the city that I don't want anybody else to directly supervise, at least not at this point. That would be police, finance, fire, and emergency management," Lott says.

He says the other two assistant city managers will supervise the rest of the departments. Even though he's been on the job less than a month, Lott says he confident with a little motivation, training, and direction the city's employees can successfully implement the plan which consultants say could end up saving Albany $19 million.

Lott says he plans to bring Capital Principles back in November for the first in progress review with department heads.


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