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Commission approves taxi fare increase

October 18, 2005

Albany-- There's good news for Albany's taxi cab drivers, they'll be allowed to raise rates for the first time since 1979.

Currently, drivers can charge 90 cents for the first one-ninth of a mile, but city commissioners recommended raising that rate to $2.15. They'll also be allowed to charge a $15.00 flat rate from the airport to area hotels.

While the companies had initially asked for a larger price hike, Henry Mathis, who represented them at the meeting, says the proposal is fair. "We're very appreciative of the fact that he has recommended an increase. I think it's good for business as he stated in his narrative that it would certainly enhance the operation of the cab company, and it would also allow them to stay in business," says Mathis.

Mathis says the rates are comparable to what cab companies in other Georgia cities are already receiving. The city also agreed to do an annual review of the rates and make adjustments if necessary.


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