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Space heaters expect more use

October 17, 2005

Albany -- Because of high energy costs this winter, more South Georgians are expected to use space heaters to keep warm.

Space heaters being sold today are safer than ever, with tip over switches that turn them off if they fall over. But Firefighters say you must still use caution whenever using a space heater.

They are not designed to run for long periods of time. Albany Fire Department Interim Chief James Carswell said "If you run it continuously and it never has an opportunity to cool off, and if there is a flaw in it, it will break down at that point and cause a fire."

 Manufacturers warn never to use a space heater when you are sleeping, or leave it unattended. Keep it away from children or pets. And also keep a space heater three feet from objects like bedding or draperies.


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