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River Alive 2005

October 17, 2005

Albany - On Saturday people will gather along the Flint River for River Alive 2005. Take a stroll along the Flint River on a clear day and you'll see the sun glistening off the water, turtles bobbing their heads as they ride lazily along the current. You may even spot a fish or two. But take a closer look, and you'll notice litter scattered along the banks which will eventually end up in the water.

"It's very sad that anybody thinks that they can dump things in the river and they're gone, because somebody has to remove those," says Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful Executive Director Julia Bowles. And those some bodies will be doing just that this Saturday, to keep the Flint clean.

Bowles says, "It's a major attraction in our city, but the Flint River, in the state of Georgia is the most pristine river that is left." And the animals in and around it depend on the Flint for survival.

So take lessons from school children. If you see litter along the banks, "Pick it up and put it in the trash can," says 8-year old Brandon Brown. 8 year old Shaka James says if you do, "The animals won't die."

And together we can, "Make the environment better for all of us," says Bowles.

Clean up begins Saturday morning at 9 AM where 3rd Avenue meets the Flint River.

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