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Nashville mayor loses cancer battle

October 17, 2005

Nashville- A South Georgia city is mourning the loss of its mayor. Nashville Mayor Connie Perry died yesterday after a seven-year battle with breast cancer. People will always remember her as a leader who made Nashville a better place.

A black ribbon hangs on the door of Nashville City Hall, and the flag flies at half staff to honor the late Mayor Connie Perry. "We're going to sorely miss her, she really left her mark on the city of Nashville," said Johnny Hall, Nashville City Manager.

A mark of economic growth and downtown revitalization. "When Connie came in, we started growing," said Virgil Hickox, City Councilman.

She also made history as the city's first female mayor. "There's progressive attitude now within our city and the mood of excitement, and all of that came from Mayor Perry," said Dawn Morrison, Better Hometown Director.

In her three years as Mayor, Perry brought in nearly $2 million in grants. She helped start the city's Better Hometown office, and was the driving force behind what will soon be a new children's park downtown.

"It was her idea, she created it and drew the plans, and really wanted that for our community and our downtown," said Morrison.

Even a seven-year battle with cancer couldn't slow down her leadership. "She would drive to her chemotherapy treatment in Valdosta and call us telling us what we needed to do over the phone," said Morrison.

A black ribbon hangs at City Hall today, but for the past two months, downtown businesses have hung these red ribbons on their door to show support for the mayor during her sickness, and their appreciation for all her hard work.

"She was vibrant with everything she did and went at it with enthusiasm," said Pat Sutton.

And even though her energy will no longer fill city hall, council members will continue the vision she started, and help Nashville grow into the city Mayor Perry dreamed of. "That's the least thing we could do for her memory," said Bill Turner.

Mayor Pro Tem Randy Lane will serve as mayor until the city can hold a special election in March.


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