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Martial artists kick for a cause

October 15, 2005

Albany-- How many times can you kick in one hour? Some martial artists are seeing how many times they can, for a good cause.

Saturday was National Martial Arts Day. It's a chance for martial arts schools nationwide to promote the arts and the benefits of training. It also serves to increase the number of people participating in martial arts. Schools like Brunson Martial Arts here in Albany are also using kicks to raise money for disadvantaged children.

"A kick-a-thon to raise money for Project Action, a non-profit organization to help children that are underpriveleged get into programs like martial arts programs, gymnastics, dance and things of that nature," says Sensei Shaun Brunson.

The students executed over 28,000 kicks on Saturday. Hundreds of schools nationwide participated in the Kick-a-Thon. They hope to break the world record of 8.4 million kicks.



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