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Albany Commission Candidate holds neighborhood rally

October 15, 2005

Albany- One of six candidates for City Commission in the third ward spoke out about problems in their neighborhood. Candidate for Commissioner Hank Young held a neighborhood rally Saturday afternoon at the pond on Jefferson and Holloway.

Young says, the community uses the pond as a recreational area, but there are no trash cans, public rest rooms, or benches to sit on. He also said fish in the pond have died because the pond's aeration system was broken and never repaired.

"The elected official, is responsible for watching and making sure that this does not happen. This is not the only issue in our neighborhood, in this ward we have the same thing with housing," said Hank Young, Candidate for Commissioner, Ward 3.

Young also feels the Albany City Commission should address empty lots around the lake. He would like to see the lots sold to the public and homes built. Hank Young will face incumbent Arthur Williams and two other candidates November 8, 2005.



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