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Garbage truck turns over

October 14, 2005

Thomasville, Georgia-- A truck driver is recovering from injuries suffered in an accident Friday afternoon.

It happened around 1:00 on North Oak Street in Coolidge. A garbage truck from Thomasville rolled over as the driver came around a corner.

Police say they're trying to figure out whether speed, driver error, or a malfunction with the truck is to blame. "One of the inside tires blew out, and the truck flipped with a lot of solid waste on top of it, so it flipped over on its side," says Coolidge Police Chief, James Wright.

Police say the driver suffered cuts from broken glass and debris. He's expected to be ok.

Police add that just last week, a car drove off the same curve and hit a house. They say that driver was arrested farther down the road and charged with DUI.


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