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Former White House COS speaks to cancer group

October 14, 2005

Albany -- A former White House Chief of Staff and three time cancer survivor shares his story in hopes of saving lives.

Albany native Hamilton Jordan spoke to area doctors, nurses, and medical workers at the first annual Southwest Georgia Cancer Symposium. He shared the advice that helped him beat cancer and the most important lesson he learned during his fight.

Jordan suffered from and survived lymphoma, prostate cancer, and malignant melanoma. "Cancer was an ironic blessing because it made me realize how important life is."

Now he spends part of his life trying to inspire other cancer patients. He says doctors and nurses must not forget to treat a cancer patient's spirit along with their body.

He says a strong spirit can keep even the weakest patient alive and fighting. "I don't think you can kind of wish it away, but I do think you can extend life with the will to live, extend it for a long time and extend the quality of life."

And now cancer free, he says the best lesson he learned was to take regular care of your body. "Go in and have your annual physicals. Each of my cancers were found at an annual physical by a good family practitioner. If I had waited another six months or a year to have that physical, I'm not sure I would be here today."

Hamilton Jordan also wants the government to spend more money on cancer research. He says half of Americans will have cancer in their lifetime but out of every 10-tax dollars we send to Washington, only two cents goes to cancer research.

Jordan wrote a book about surviving cancer called No Such thing as a Bad Day.


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