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Get your game on with the Army

October 13, 2005

Thomasville, Georgia-- Playstation and X-Box step aside. An "Army of One" has one up on you, and it's setting up for a demonstration at the Thomasville Fly In air show this weekend.

It's called the Army Cinema Van, although, it's actually a tractor trailer. It's primarily it's used to go to high schools and talk to the kids about different options they can get into once they graduate high school," says SFC David Nimmers.

The Cinema Van is pretty much like any other truck on the outside, to the untrained eye, that is. "The only difference is, we have a big old giant plug. We have a generator on the back that powers everything inside the truck," says Nimmers.

Inside, there are two game kiosks that use home computers to run military style missions. "People can come in here and sit down and actually play against one and other," says Nimmers.

The Cinema Van also houses another shooting game where people stand in front of a large projection screen. They use a replica handgun that works with a laser. "They can actually come in here, and they can shoot targets," says Nimmers.

"We got Bose speakers, DVD player, amplifiers," says Nimmers.

There is also a machine that makes dog tags so people can take home a souvenir. "Whatever event we have you can put the name of the event, Army of One, their name," says Nimmers.

"We're with the mission support battalion out of Fort Knox, Kentucky. I've been from the West coast to the East coast, down South, up North. I've been everywhere. During the summertime we go to different things like this Thomasville Fly In, state fairs, other air shows, NASCAR. We meet so many people from different places, different walks of life, so it's actually very interesting. We just do so much to give back to the community to show them the Army isn't just about going to war, it's about people," says Nimmers.

The Army has a fleet of 15 similar trucks spread across the country. Some of them have different themes such as Special Forces, aviation, and science.


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