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Coke trafficker busted

October 13, 2005

Thomasville, Georgia-- A man accused of trafficking cocaine is being held in the Thomas County Jail.

Garry Haggins was arrested at the corner of Fletcher and Jones streets Wednesday night. Drug agents say they were tipped off that he would be delivering a large amount of crack to the neighborhood, so they setup surveillance.

They add that they arrested Haggins with the goods after a short high-speed chase. "It was 57.5 grams of trafficking cocaine. The minimum for trafficking in Georgia is 28 grams, so he was in possession of double the legal limit for trafficking cocaine," says Thomas County / Thomasville drug squad commander, Kevin Lee.

Agents have filed papers to seize the Chevrolet Tahoe Haggins was driving. They say they also are hoping to seize the $4400 found inside.


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