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New products tested for courthouse security

October 13, 2005

Albany -- Since the March murders of four people in the Fulton County Courthouse shootings, courtroom security has become a top issue.

The Dougherty County Sheriff's Office is checking new products and technology to improve the safety of employees and visitors. Improving security is an ongoing issue at the Dougherty County courthouse. Captain Tim Hanington said "So We have to be pro-active, rather than re-active."

Since the March shootings of a Judge, a court reporter, and a Deputy in the Fulton County Courthouse, Dougherty County Sheriff's deputies have had federal Marshall's and other security experts tour the Courthouse, and give their ideas on improvements.

 Today a representative with a company that sells Wireless Security Systems for Law Enforcement demonstrated his product. StopTech spokesman Hugh Campbell said "You push the panic button, the judge would, and the message would go right to the Sheriff's radios. Judge Jones need assistance at his bench for example."

Wireless panic buttons for judges and court personnel are one of the options now being tested to improve Courthouse Security. Hanington said "It's on everybody's mind. It takes a tragic event such as Atlanta to bring it forth, but it's something we deal with daily."

Dougherty County Deputies and Court Baliffs in recent months have had additional security training at Forsyth's state Law Enforcement Academy.   More security experts will be inspecting the Courthouse for advisement.


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