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New video teaches the dangers of meth

October 13, 2005

Valdosta - Students at Lowndes High School stare in amazement at the horrifying effects of methamphetamine. "Some of the people that were using, they showed the sores on their skin and their nervous behavior, it was kind of scary," said Rachel Burke.

"It was disgusting," said Larry Jones.

The Lowndes County Sheriff's office is hoping the disturbing images will be enough to scare these teens away from meth. They're showing a locally produced video called "Methamphetamine: A Terrorist Attack in South Georgia."

The stories are real, and the characters are all recovering drug addicts from right here in South Georgia. "Its a pretty graphic film and hopefully it will really make an impact on young people about the dangers of meth," said Sheriff Ashley Paulk.

Getting access to meth is as easy as buying household products from the grocery store. "The recipes are on the Internet," said Paulk.

And its one of the most addictive drugs out there. "If someone tries it, its almost inevitable that they're going to keep on using it," said Sgt. Michael Adams.

That's why they want to catch these teens early, hopefully before they're ever exposed to it. "They're at an impulsive age where they're going to try things and they're very much at risk," said Paulk.

The video is being shown in Valdosta and Lowndes County schools now, but Sheriff Paulk wants to see them in schools all over the state. "If any other sheriff's office wants it, its going to be made available through the state magazine and we're already shipping some out of state," said Paulk.

So more teens can see what meth can do to a person, and hopefully steer clear of the drug. "If we don't keep but one person off meth, that's one more," said Paulk.


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