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Sexual predator awareness

October 13, 2005

By: Robbyn DeSpain

Albany- A working mother and wife, Missy Whitney enjoys the precious time she spends with her son Elijah. At the young age of three, Elijah is unaware of the dangers the world has to offer, so Missy knows it's her job to make sure he has a safe childhood.

"He doesn't usually go off with anyone but family. He's never been over to a friend's house, you know he's only three but still. I have friends who let their children go play at their friends houses from school, so he would never do that," said Missy Whitney, a concerned parent.

Missy says she has thought about the possibility that a sexual predator could live near her home. That thought she says is more than she nor her family could handle.

"I would not want Elijah anywhere near anyone like that, and just to know that they were in our vicinity would scare me to death."

Missy decided to find out for sure. She logged on to the Georgia Sex offender web page, easily accessible from the Georgia Department of Corrections web site. To get to the site, go to

Then click on the link that says GBI Sex offender registry. When that page comes up, scroll to the bottom and click on proceed to sex offender search page. Once you are there, you can use several different ways to find the information you need. The easiest is to click on what county you live in. The names of those registered in your county will then come up, all of them with an accompanying address and most have a picture as well.

It's important information that Missy says all parents need to know. "I think that all good parents would want to know about something like this."


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