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Health records subpoenaed in baby death investigation

October 12, 2005

Americus- Investigators hope health department records will shine some light on the brutal death of a newborn in Lee County. More than a month has past since the infant's body was discovered below a bridge on State Route 118, but authorities have few clues.

A hearing to get those records was scheduled for Thursday. It was canceled after the Sumter County health department agreed to release the information to the GBI Wednesday.

The Americus GBI and Southwestern Georgia District Attorney's Office are looking for any clue to help find who threw an infant's body over a Lee County bridge September first.

"We ended up issuing subpoenas for the health departments asking them to provide their records to us. One of the health departments was filing a motion to squash that subpoena, asking the judge to withdraw the subpoena for legal grounds," Cecilia Cooper, District Attorney Southwest Circuit.

Lee, Dougherty, Terrell, and Worth Counties released the information about pregnant women. Sumter County held off, but agreed to hand over the records Wednesday. So far, the information has left authorities empty handed.

"I don't think we were asking to delve deeply into their personal information. All we wanted and all we want is a name and an address so that we can follow up," said Cooper.

Authorities say the newborn's body was thrown from a passing car, over the side of the bridge along State Route 118 to the Muckalee Creek bed below.

"We are looking for a lady who would have been in her third trimester ready to give birth some time between August 15 and September 15," said Cooper.

The District Attorney and GBI believe someone knows the information, and continue to encourage anyone, even if it's an anonymous call to contact authorities so they can follow up.

"You wish that somebody would have come forward and said this is my child, I panicked, I'm sorry, I hate what happened, nobody's been willing to do that," said Cooper.

Authorities believe the baby was alive at birth, but they're waiting for autopsy results to confirm a cause of death.

Anyone with information can contact the Lee County Sheriff's Department at (229)759-6012, the Americus GBI at (229)931-2439 or the Southwest Georgia District Attorney's office at (229)924-5411.



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