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Discrimination against the disabled?

October 12, 2005

Pelham -- John Thornton is a double amputee. On Wednesday, he moved out of his apartment in Pelham.

He was served an eviction notice that says the apartment is not handicap accessible, so it's not safe for him to live there. It also claims he is unable to enjoy the apartment because he has too many limitations, but Thornton says he can get around fine and doesn't want to leave.

He says, "I can wash my dishes, I clean the house, I can run a vacuum cleaner. I can do my laundry. I take my showers, shave, you know, I can do anything, basically that I could."

The Lee Williams Complex Property Manager, Bob Jones, says he did not want to evict Thornton. He says he had no choice after being cited because a handicap person was living in an apartment that was not handicap accessible.

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