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Concrete prices going up again

October 12, 2005

Albany -- Concrete and cement prices have been skyrocketing., and construction companies report the price will go up another 10 to 15 percent this week.

 Scott Johnson says Saturday his cost for concrete will go from 78 dollars a yard to 87 dollars. Fuel costs for hauling in the rock and sand to make the concrete, and greater worldwide demand in China and Afghanistan have caused the big price increases.

The hurricane damage in Louisiana and Mississippi will cause more price increases and maybe shortages in the next months. Construction company owner Scott Johnson said "Maybe on the storms and all, but we definitely will when they start rebuilding it back. It's going to contribute to the cement shortage."

Right now Johnson says he has no problem getting cement and concrete, but the price continues to rise. Johnson said that has a big effect on construction in Southwest Georgia.



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