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Therapeutic Riding Center needs volunteers like you

October 11, 2005

Lee County - The Southwest Georgia Therapeutic Riding Center doesn't have any employees. It operates solely through the service of volunteers.

Tara Okon says, "We had a lot of students from Albany State and Darton that used to come out and volunteer, but they can't afford to come volunteer."

Can't afford it because gas prices have skyrocketed, which has funneled down to other things. Okon says, "Our feed, our hay, everything's gone up in price, except what we've been charging everybody and we just can't keep doing that. We need help from somewhere."

And from someone like Jodi Henry, who volunteers to assist the special needs children as often as five times a week. Jodi says, "Luckily I've been blessed to have the time to do it and the Lord calls you to do it, you do it. Pure pleasure, that's really it."

But everyone could lose if the center is forced to close or reduce in size. Unless more volunteers come out and more monies are received, horses may have to be sold and fewer children would be allowed to ride.

Tara says, "Kids that really really need it are the ones that are going to be hurt the most." But everyone will benefit, if more volunteers come out. Jodi says, "I think we get a lot more out of it because it's really fulfilling. It really is."

A fulfillment that only comes when special people help those with special needs. Volunteers are needed most on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 AM to 10:30 AM. The center is located at Hunny Pot Stables on Philema Road in Lee County.


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