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Is it pumpkin time already?

October 11, 2005

Sasser- It's not fall in south Georgia without a trip to the pumpkin patch. And a hot spot for a gourd-time is Mark's Melon Patch in Sasser. We jumped on board a hay ride to check on this year's pumpkin crop.

The pumpkins in Mark Daniel's field are packed in as tight as the little visitors hunting for them from the hay ride.

Daniel admits, "It is my favorite season. People are here to have a good time and see the pumpkins and all."

Just around the corner from the Gourdon's Family Home is the prized pumpkin patch. And, the pumpkins come in all colors, shapes, and sizes.

From the very small to the "Giant," says Delaney Ownes.

Mickie Short asks "How big were they?"

"This tall," was the reply.

"There are at least two out in the field that are 200 pounds," Daniel said. "The kids love to see that."

The ride stops just long enough to show off these plump pumpkins and for a quick lesson in growing. "You plant the seed and a little water..." Daniel said.

Then, the kids offer up a dare to Mark. "Eat the Guts!"

Let's just say this good farmer is also a good sport.

Then it's back to the pumpkin stand where kids can take home a pumpkin along with a smile.

Mark's Melon Patch offers hay rides to school groups Monday through Friday mornings. And they have hay rides from 2PM to 6PM on Saturday and Sunday for the general public.