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Albany scavenger hunt welcomes newcomers

October 11, 2005

 Albany-  The Leadership Development Committee of the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce is holding its third annual Scavenge Albany event on Thursday, October 13, 2005. 

    This event was started as an opportunity for newcomers to Albany and new management level employees to see Albany businesses in all areas of the city and network with their peers.   The participant’s name is given to the committee by Chamber members and their respective company. Then a letter and invitation is sent to the participant describing the event, getting them excited about Albany and what it has to offer.

    The afternoon starts with everyone meeting at a central location. This year it is the Wet Lab at the Flint RiverQuarium. Here, participants will mingle, be assigned to teams, hear the rules of the game and receive a goody bag full of information to help them decipher the clues, and their team’s first clue.  

From there the teams will go business to business to find their next clue. Each team will be on a different route, so no team will have the same experience.  

   However, the last clue for each team will take them to a reception, where a winning team will be awarded a few prizes. The winner is the team that completes the most clues within the given time of two hours. The goody bag will include a Albany Area Chamber of Commerce Membership Directory, Visitor’s Guide, bottled water, paper and pencils, a copy of the rules, a list of contact numbers should the team need help.

    Also to help them decipher the clues, teams can stop citizens on the street and ask them, access the internet or call their friends for help. The Leadership Development Committee wants this to be a fun and informative afternoon for everyone. The All those that are interested in attending can call Jenny Collins at 229-344-1896 for more information.


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