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Rams Back in Action

October 10, 2005

Albany - The Albany State football team has played just one game in the past three weeks.

After a cancellation at Southern, ASU beat Tuskegee 31-21 at home.

They had an open date last week, but Albany State isn't worried about the recent time off slowing them down.

In fact, it's quite the opposite.

Coach Mike White says all the time off can be a big help to the Rams.

"It's worked out for us. We are healed, and everybody's ready to go."

"We had a lot of injuries, but hopefully they're healed in this week's time, so it helps a lot," says defensive back Rod Whipple.

Alton Pettway wants to get back on the field.

"Everybody wants to play. You got that off weekend, everybody's bored. You want to play."

With their fourth away game this week at Clark Atlanta, the road is becoming very familiar to ASU.

"On the road has been very good for us. Gives us a chance to get out, and a lot of these guys haven't been to Atlanta before, so it'll be a good experience for us, just as long as we play well," says Coach White.

Pettway adds, "We're trying not to lose any games in the stadium, but at the same time we're trying to win all our away games as well."

The Panthers scheduled third-ranked Albany State for their homecoming game this week, and Whipple says the Rams are using the game as motivation.

"That really fires us up, because we don't think we're weak in any way, so them scheduling us for homecoming will really put a spark in us this week at practice."

And even though they're climbing up the rankings, the team says they're just concentrating on winning.

White says, "I don't pay any attention to the rankings."

"It doesn't bother me until we're number one," claims Pettway.

Albany State beat Clark Atlanta 58-0 last year.

Saturday's game is scheduled for 1:30 in Atlanta.

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