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County challenges federal rules

October 10, 2005

Albany -- Dougherty County commissioners send a letter to Washington, D.C. criticizing rules they say will hurt community projects. Commissioners want the Economic Development Administration to rethink changes to the way they handle funding for projects.

Until now, the federal government offered a 50-50 match for loans with local governments that qualify for assistance. Now, loans are given using a sliding scale as low as a 30-70 percent match.

County Commission Chairman Jeff Sinyard says that could stop some projects that would help our area. "We're in the lowest five percent in terms of having capital revenue and income in the country. So consequently, many of our counties and many of the projects that we looked to get assistance for would not be able to come up with the local match."

Under the changes, a private organization, that hasn't been announced yet, would determine a communities need and required match. Commissioners oppose that too.


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