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Pot operation found in Lanier County

(All photos courtesy Lanier Co. Sheriff's Office) (All photos courtesy Lanier Co. Sheriff's Office)

October 8, 2005
From the Lanier Co. Sheriff's Office

Lanier County -- The Lanier Co. Sheriffs Office received information regarding marijuana plants discovered on private property in Lanier County. Lanier dispatchers contacted Sheriff Nick Norton, who was already out with Trey Bass (State Dept of Corrections K-9 Unit), Tony Bennifield (Berrien County Sheriff's Office) and Lanier County Deputy John Logan, searching for other drug patches and "meth" lab leads in Lanier County.


Upon arrival, there were numerous plants located and scattered about the property. There was a well-worn path connecting the growing areas as well as a watering station containing 55 gallon drums for water storage and a hand dug, 10 foot deep shallow well, complete with steps leading down to the water level. The plants were all "female" and very well covered in "buds", ready for harvest come cooler weather. Most of the plants exceeded seven foot in height and ranged from 2 1/2 to 3 inches in stalk diameter.


Eevidence collected consisted of plant food, potting soil and soil supplements found at the growing sites. All physical evidence along with all the plants was transported to the Lanier County sheriffs Office in the back of Sheriff Norton’s truck, escorted by Sergeant Bass and Deputy Bennifield.

Upon arrival at the Sheriff's Office, all plants were broken-down and placed into storage in one of the 55 gallon drums taken from the growing area. Everything was logged into evidence and placed into jail lockers awaiting any possible latent fingerprint identification.


Since closing the jail in January, Sheriff Norton utilizes the jail and cells within the jail for evidence storage. There was no arrests made today but are possible at a later date. Plants were estimated to be worth $175,000.00

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