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Citizens hold hit-and-run driver

October 7, 2005

Albany-- Four men chase down and hold a hit and run driver for police, after he crashed into four cars in the McDonalds parking lot on North Slappey. Three women were treated by paramedics at the McDonalds, after their car was struck.

About 1:40 Friday afternoon a man drove this Isuzu pickup truck into the parking lot, and crashed into three parked cars. He then crashed into Harry Martin's truck as he tried to get away.

"He backed up squealing the tires. Come running out of the back exit of the McDonalds. Run into me because his front tire was blowed out. Then he gets out of the truck and runs through these woods here," said Crash Victim Harry Martin.

Four men chased the hit and run driver about a block, before Scott Royal tackled him. "He picked up a stick and rared it back. I just tackled him. The three guys that were with me, we all held him down. And just tried to stay there until the police showed up," said Royal.

The hit and run driver, identified as Bobby Tucker of Leesburg, was charged with seven traffic violations, including Driving under the Influence. He is being held in the Dougherty County Jail.