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Local charity needs contributions

October 7, 2005

Albany -- Like many charities, The Lord's Pantry in Albany, is struggling to help more people with fewer donations. They feed and clothed more people last year than ever before, draining their budget and pantry shelves.

Volunteer Larry Brown fill rows of grocery bags with food at the Lord's Pantry. "We got milk, crackers, peanut butter, jelly, rive, beans, tuna," he says.

For nearly 30 years, people have relied on the charity for food and clothes. "I have four kids and my wife is pregnant. They give clothing, if you need it, and food anything from peanut butter and rice to infant cereal. It's pretty nice," says client Irallay Davidson.

All the people here are volunteers, no one is paid. They just saw a need in their community and wanted to help. Brown says more people are in need of a helping hand than ever before. "People are having a harder time making ends meet. Prices have gone up, and people get into situations where they just can't stretch their food budget to meet the need for the whole month."

But like the people they serve, the Lord's Pantry budget is tight too. "The income has been pretty steady, but the volume of people has gone up tremendously," said Brown.

They feed more than 16,400 people last year, that's 25% more folks than the year before. "That has put a strain on our resources," said Brown.

And now they fear people might forget to give to area charities as they donate to the massive hurricane relief effort. Brown says remember our neighbors need your help too. "We do appreciate it when people donate, bring in cash and in kind contributions of both food and clothing. That does help stretch our budget and helps us stay in business."

The Lord Pantry hopes you'll keep giving money, food, and clothes so that they can keep giving help and hope to the people of Albany for at least another 30 years. This week, the Lord's Pantry received a $20,000 grant from Phoebe Putney.

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