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Turning students into soldiers

October 7, 2005

Valdosta - Students at Lowndes High School enjoyed a break from class Friday, listening to music and playing X-box games. "The loudness and stuff attracts all the kids over there," said Kailen Paskins, LHS Student.

But behind this fun and entertainment, Army recruiters have a hidden agenda. "They hear the thumping sound system, they see the televisions, and it just draws them in to see what the Army's about," said Sgt. Michael Wiggins.

They're using this spiffed-up humvee and high tech 18-wheeler to recruit more men and women to the armed forces. Students who might otherwise never consider visiting an Army recruiting station are drawn in, and can learn the many advantages the Army has to offer. "One, we offer complete tuition assistance to pay for their college, as well as people who can afford it, we give them hands-on skill training," said Wiggins.

Training that will help them pursue more than 200 career fields. "They have special forces programs, the warrant officers, O.C.S., band programs," said Wiggins.

Even jobs in health care, construction, media, and pretty much anything you imagine. "All we do is try to get the message out there to show that the Army has more jobs out there than they're the stuff they're showing on TV," said Wiggins.

"I didn't know there were so many things you could do in the Army," said Paskins.

Even though the Army is growing at a steady pace, they're always looking for new men and women to help defend our freedom. And after hearing the unlimited possibilities the group offers, these teens may be the next ones to rise to the challenge.

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