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Verdict in peeping tom trial

October 6, 2005

Valdosta - A former Valdosta elementary school principal is found guilty of criminal trespassing and attempt to tamper with evidence.

Rick English was initially charged with peeping tom but that charge was reduced to criminal trespassing Thursday. He was accused of peering into a 14-year-old girl's bedroom in the Stone Creek Subdivision.

Her father installed a wild game camera outside her window after noticing fingerprints on the window. It took pictures of English walking between the hedges and the house, but he says he was looking for his cat.

"Obviously we're a little disappointed but satisfied that we did prove he was there for an unlawful purpose and did try to tamper with evidence," said Laura Wood, Assistant District Attorney.

"The verdict vendicated Rick English and proved he is not a peeping tom and the charge was just made up," said Sam Dennis, Defense Attorney.

English will be sentenced November 16th.

He served as principal of Sallas Mahone Elementary before becoming Chief Financial Officer for Valdosta City Schools. He recently resigned from that position.