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Blacks, Hispanics tense after latest death

October 6, 2005

Tifton-- Residents are hoping the recent murders will won't lead to any more of what they are calling senseless violence among the community.

Family members of Bobby Scott, the latest victim, fear the murders will lead to more violence.

Sue Hurtado lives in the mobile home park were some of last weeks slayings occurred. She knew many of the victims and was friends with Scott. She says Hispanic residents in the area are even more frightened.

"There is some tension because everybody's got their own opinion, but from the ones that I have talked to and the ones that I know, they're thinking not all black people are bad, not all Mexicans are bad, not all whites are bad. There's just some that are going to do what they're going to do," said Sue Hurtado.

"The atmosphere right now is really kind of hectic around here right now, because a lot of them are afraid of their lives, and now this has happened and we don't know how to," said Billy Scott, the dead man's uncle.

Religious leaders in the community are asking residents to pray for peace and an end to the killings in their community.


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