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Another man is murdered in Tifton

October 6, 2005

Tifton -- Just after midnight Tifton Police responded to their seventh murder scene in last than a week.

The bouncer at a night club was gunned down while on the job. Police say the gunman was a Hispanic male. Although authorities say it was not retaliation, they do agree racial tensions are running high, and family members say Bobby Scott should have been the last person to become a victim.

Those closest to Bobby Lee Scott say the 30-year old father of four was the most caring person they knew. "My husband was a good man, and I don't care what color they were he helped them out, Mexican, white, or what color, he always helped them out," says his wife Michelle Scott. "They didn't have to do him like that, and somebody needs to find out what happened to my husband."

"He was a loving son. He treated everybody right. He liked everybody. As far as I know he didn't have any enemies," adds his mother Clara Green.

But what he did have was a hard working spirit. Family members say he worked up to three days a week as a bouncer at Santos Lounge. Police say the shooting started when a patron grew angry because he wasn't allowed inside. "Because he was so intoxicated, the bouncer there was not going to allow him entrance, and the shooting and the resulting death came from that incident," says Detective Ricky Day.

Investigators say the Hispanic patron pulled out a small pistol and shot Scott in the face. He was later pronounced dead at the hospital. "This is not a retaliatory strike against any one segment of the community. This is an isolated incident that occurred at a night club over whether or not somebody could get in," Day says.

Billy Scott believes high racial tensions led to his nephew's death. He says he was even threatened by a Hispanic man Sunday.

"He told me that four blacks were going to have to die. I was talking to him and I told him you can't retaliate like that because you've got to get the right person. I was telling him to let the law be the law, and not take the law in his own hands. He said regardless of that, four blacks are going to have to die," Billy Scott says.

Now Scott's mother will help plan the second funeral in less than a week. Her husband was laid to rest this weekend. She says she'll remember her son by the last conversation the two had. "I said 'Son I love you,' and he went out the door, he came back and said 'Mom I love you too.' That was the last thing he said to me," Green says.

Police say the suspect is about 5 feet 10 inches tall, has black hair with blonde or red streaks. He was last seen wearing a blue and white shirt and blue pants. Any one with information should contact Tifton Police.