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Deep South Fair in T'ville

October 05, 2005

Thomasville, Georgia-- Come one, come all; the Deep South Fair will be in Thomasville until Sunday.

Trick Riders "Reckless" Renee Regimbal and "Patch" McGillacuttey are the main attractions. "We race motorcycles on the inside of a giant barrel. We ride up at 55 to 65 miles per hour. We're two bikes side by each. We criss cross within inches of each other," says Regimbal. "We tell them there's chills, spills, and sometimes even doctor's bills," adds McGillicuttey.

Fortunately, those bills are few and far between. Regimbal and McGillacuttey have pretty good riding records. "Out of 21 years I have had only three major accidents, different broken ribs, right shoulder, right elbow," says Regimbal. "Broke ribs, collar bone, fractured my arm, pulled all of the skin off the back of my hand," says McGillicuttey.

Ok, by now you may be asking, why do these guys keep riding? "We love the kids' smiles and the kids' faces. That's one thing that keeps me going over and over," says McGillicuttey. "It's definitely not the money! It's the thrill," adds Regimbal.

Although Regimbal and McGillicuttey are the main attraction at the fair, they don't want to ride off with the entire show. "You definitely want to come and try the rides out. There's a lot of new different things here this year," says Regimbal.

Of course, there are also games, food, and a long time favorite, the demolition derby. But then again, you're guaranteed a good time, even if you don't leave the MotorDome. "I love my job. I love what I do," says McGillicuttey. "This here will blow your socks off, believe me," adds Regimbal. That's testimony from one of only four Trick Rider shows in North America.

Since motocross is so popular in our region, McGillicuttey and Regimbal want us to warn you not to try at home what they do at work. They were trained for years by people who pioneered trick riding.


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