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Giant power pole installed

October 4, 2005

Lee County -- To keep up with demand for electricity in South Georgia's fastest growing county, Georgia Power put up a huge power pole.

This self supporting concrete power pole at the corner of Fussell Road and U.S. 82 is 75 feet tall and more than six feet in diameter. It's one of the largest single poles in South Georgia.

Workers set it in a twenty-foot deep hole. The pole does not require guy wires, but they would have difficult to install anyway because the pole is so close to the highway.

The pole will hold main transmission lines to power the new Oakland Plantation development and Industrial Park. Georgia Power Engineer Jerry Hobbs said "That's what we expect in the future, so we went ahead and started and got ahead of the game. And dedicate this whole circuit to this new growth down there."

 Now that this main anchor pole is up, Georgia Power plans to complete the electrical line upgrades by November.

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