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Natural gas for winter heat will be expensive

October 3, 2005

Albany -- You shouldn't have any trouble getting enough natural gas to heat your home this winter, but you will pay a lot more for it. Your bills could jump 70 to 80-percent.

Albany Water Gas and Light warns you to start preparing for those higher costs now. Natural gas has nearly doubled in price because of the damage done to refineries and pipelines by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Water Gas and Light Director of Fiscal Affairs John Vansant III said "I would emphasize very strongly this wintertime that we are going to have to conserve. You are going to have to use just as little as you can get away with using."

W.G.and L. is warning their customers to get ready for nearly double gas bills. The natural gas futures market today said the cost for delivery in January would be fourteen dollars and 75 cents. That same amount of natural gas cost six dollars last year.


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