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Meth is trop drug threat

October 4, 2005

Sylvester- Federal drug agents say methamphetamine is now the most serious drug-related threat in the United States.

During a recent meth class hosted by Sylvester Police, nearly one hundred law enforcers and emergency personnel heard the latest statistics on the drug.

Instructors from the Drug Enforcement Agency say three of every thousand workers screens positive for meth and 30% of fires are caused by meth labs.

"We've had instances where first responders or others who make accidental discoveries of these lab sites, either become contaminated or get hurt, so that's the push that we have in doing these classes," said DEA Instructor Francisco Hildalgo, Jr.

Law enforcers also got a first hand look at one of the DEA response vehicles used in dismantling meth labs across the state.


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