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Fuel saving alternative

October 3, 2005

Albany--As gas prices continue to skyrocket, more and more people are seeking alternative fuel options. Some businesses are making money offering fuel saving options. While other businesses say they're not worried about people cutting back on their gas using recreation.

As gas prices increase, so does business at Jim Laue's Cycle World on Dawson Road. "Last month in comparison, we were about 20% over for the last month compared to last year as far as sales in bikes and what have you," he says.

Laue's bikes cost anywhere from $100 to $8,000, but with gas prices topping $3.00 and more, he says it's money well spent.

"Hopefully, we'll have them hooked by then. They'll never go back," says Laue.

"I think it's outrageous," complains driver Rodeny Patterson.  High gas costs leave Rodney Patterson angry, and looking for more fuel efficient ways to get to where he needs to go.

"I guess we can get mopeds and bikes and start riding those to save on gas,"he says. 

That's exactly what Laue at Cycle World wants to hear. Cyle world gets about 50 customers daily in the market for bikes, and before gas topped the $2.00 mark, that number wasn't even close.

"At this time of the year, if we seen ten or fifteen customers we were doing good," he says.

As some people try to save fuel, others aren't letting the high costs of gas interfere with their fun.

"We just don't see a bunch of people cutting back over five or ten dollars,"  says says sales manager Scott Romero.

While boats at Huggins Outboard hold as much as 60 tanks of gas, business is still booming.

 "For the majority people are acting like they're not being affected that much by their pleasure," he says.

But as sales remain steady for this boat business, many people like Patterson, say they care more about their wallet than having a little fun. "If it gets too tough on my pocket, then I'll guess I'll have to ride a bike," Patterson says.

According to the country's energy secretery, we should expect to pay high gas prices for at least another six months. Samuel Bodman says he doesn't see gas prices returning to pre-hurricane levels before then.

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