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Feeding displaced Mississippians is a mammoth job

October 3, 2005

Pass Christian, MS-- Thousands of people are working in communities so decimated from Hurricane Katrina that no grocery stores or restaurants are standing.

But people in Pass Christian, Mississippi don't have to worry about where they'll get their next meal.

In the middle of such nothingness in Pass Christian, there's an oasis. A place where three times a day, cops and troops and volunteers from all over come from every direction.

"It'll be all around this building. It's tremendous," says National Guard MPSgt. Bill Sanders of the line that will son form. "You can't count the number of people, because around 11:30 this line, it'll just stay full."

Workers at this feeding center cook up and dish out nearly 4000 meals a day. They'll fill any empty stomach. "No, we're not going hungry," said Sanders. "I gotta watch my weight because the military has a weight limit."

The out-of-towners get more than a meal. They get to know the people they're here to help.

Bill asks a lady is she's from there. "Lost it all," is the reply from Phyllis Aduddell, who knows she can come here to nourish her body. "It's wonderful, it really is. We all enjoy the food. It's been really good. It's great to have a hot meal during the day."

This place, these people, nourish her spirit too. "It just makes you realize how much people care. It's been great. It helps keep us going. Gives us hope," said Phyllis. Hope and a healthy meal.

"Oh, this is great," says the MP. It is great, this oasis that offers so much in a place where so little is left.

FEMA contracted with a Florida catering company to provide those meals. A crew of 14 works from about 4 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day to get the job done.

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