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Evacuees tie the knot

October 1, 2005

Tifton- They struggled to make it through Katrina's fury. The two arrived in Norman Park from Biloxi, Mississippi nearly a month ago, not sure how or even if their lives could be put back together. Their January wedding was ruined, but thanks to Pamela Payne and Tifton businesses two hurricane evacuees were united as one Saturday.

There were the pre wedding jitters most couples get, but what Timmy Harris and Yolanda Miller have been through in the last two month has been the worst, today it was time for better.

"I've never been married before and I'm 34 years old, I'm kind of scared, I just hope the Lord let it live all our life," said Timmy Harris, the groom.

"Just imagine sitting up on top of your house and you can swing your feets down from the top of your house and the water is still waste deep," said Yolanda Miller, the bride.

The couple had planned to be married in January in Biloxi, Mississippi, but those plans changed and the hopes for their dream were drenched when Katrina hit.

"They're making it because they love each other. That will keep them together, because they didn't want to make it, but we pushed and pushed and they made it, they're making it and I know they'll be together forever," said Gwenester Harper, Mother of the Bride.

As they pledged their love, they also recognized the people who made this wedding possible. Everything from the dresses and tuxes to the pictures were donated by Tifton area businesses.

"It was like it was meant to be, we put it on her, it fit, no alterations, and she was set to go, she stood there and cried and it made all of us cry," said Brenda Lever, owner of Uniquely Yours who supplied the dresses and tuxedos.

When so much has gone so wrong for the two, finally getting the chance to say the two are one is a welcome thought.

"Great, Nice, as of right now, I don't know about later," said Mr. and Mrs. Timmy Harris.

They know that they'll make it, together. "Work at it, Just work at it, As I keep saying we have a man that sits high and looks low so there's no obstacle that he can't conquer, so we'll be okay, we're going to be okay," said Mr. and Mrs. Harris.

With the help of the Tifton Housing Authority, the couple has secured a home and plans to start their new life together right here in south Georgia.

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