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Governor's gas tax relief runs out

September 30, 2005

Albany-- Governor Sonny Perdue's suspension of the state's gas tax runs out as many drivers fill up just in time.

"$3.15, $3.25. $2.94 is the cheapest I've seen today so far," says driver Regina Barnett. With the up and down prices of gas these days, drivers find them all to be, "Heavy," says driver Johnny Jackson. "I feel like the gas is too high," says driver Yolanda Davis.

With the heavy and high prices, $3.37 here and $3.15 there, everyone looks for the lowest. "This was the cheapest for $2.94 so I stopped here," says driver Tereka Singletary. The BP on South Madison and Oakridge is only $2.94 a gallon now for unleaded but will most likely be fifteen cents higher or more after Governor Perdue's relief on gas tax expires.

"That's why I'm filling up today so I don't have to worry about $3.95 by the end of the weekend. This is ridiculous," says Barnett. Before the gas tax suspension runs out, drivers are filling up. But how much are these current prices weighing on their pockets?

"Close to fifty bucks if I'm on empty," says Jackson. "Now it takes 65 to 68 dollars," says Davis. Most drivers say they've reached their limit with the high prices. "I'm stopping at $40.  That's my limit," says Singletary. And they can only reminisce about the lower prices of gas in previous years.

"It's sad because I remember when I was in high school here, it was like a dollar and ten cents and I was complaining then," says Barnett. But with only a little valuable time left to save money at the pumps, drivers take what they can get before the prices go up once again.

Governor Perdue will keep his moratorium on gas gouging in effect for two more weeks. Lieutenant Governor Mark Taylor encouraged Perdue to keep the suspension on gas tax in effect just as long. He says it makes no sense to end one and not the other.



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