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Lawmen shocked by brutality

September 30, 2005

Tifton -- The attacks began around 3:00AM, in Norman Park in Colquitt County and then moved into Tift County. By the time it was over, four mobile homes had been stormed, five people killed, either shot or beaten to death and six others wounded.

Two men burst into a mobile home on Weeks Road and shot and beat a man, beat and raped a woman and robbed them.

Then less than a half hour later, a string of attacks started in Tift County, about 15 miles northeast of Norman Park. At a mobile home on Ferry Lake Road in east Tifton, two men were beaten or shot to death. Three others were seriously wounded.

Then two men stormed another Tifton mobile home at Town and County Mobile Home Park. Two men were killed and one was wounded. The last attack happened around 5:00 am at a mobile home in Good Neighbor Mobile Home Park on Whidden Mill Road. One man was killed there. Investigators in Tift and Colquitt Counties believe the same people are responsible for all four of the home invasions.

Police, deputies, and GBI agents from at least three officers have spend the entire day in Tift County. They worked three deadly crime scenes, one of the worst attacks many say they've ever seen.

Law enforcers have spent the day working three gruesome murder scenes. "Home invasion style robberies we assume. We have five males who have been killed," said Investigator Lewis.

"911 responders began receiving emergency calls at 3:20 this morning," said GBI Special Agent Mike Lewis.

The first one was about the invasion at Quality Mobile Home Park just off Ferry Lake Road. When police got there, five men were inside the home at lot 58, two dead and three injured.

The next call led Tift County sheriff's deputies west to Good Neighbor Mobile Home Park off Whiddon Mill Road. There one Hispanic male was found dead.

The third was in reference to Town and Country Mobile Home Park on Parkway Drive. Two men were found dead at a mobile home there, and another injured.

Some of the victims are believed to have been beaten with bats, but neighbors in the area report hearing gunshots.

Investigators spent hours collecting evidence at all three scenes, but aren't releasing any information about weapons that may have been found. "We appeal for their help. By virtue of the fact that these occurred in mobile home parks you think somebody has to know something and I certainly would implore them to come forward with any information they have as soon as they can."

They are working on hypothesis that they're looking for the same suspects "One called into the city about 3:20 AM and I would assume that they all probably occurred around that general time frame," Lewis said.

"I've borrowed agents from three different regions, plus all the resources from the police and sheriff's office," said the investigator. Robbery is an obvious motive, but they won't comment on weapons.


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