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Students share cops' Katrina experience

September 30, 2005

Thomasville, Georgia-- Police officers from the Rose City are sharing their experiences from a trip to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina with students at Thomasville High School.

They've organized a slide-show of their trip in the school's cafeteria. The officers returned from Louisiana last week. They were in Slidell and New Orleans. They went there loaded with a variety of donations they had collected in Thomasville.

Students say learning about Hurricane Katrina from people who experienced it hits home. "It makes it a lot more real to see it that people I know personally have gone to New Orleans and have seen all of the destruction caused by the hurricane," says Senior, Lauren Burton.

A lot of the donations were given to police officers and their families in Slidell. Many of them lost their homes along with so many of the people they serve, but they kept on working.