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Colquitt shooting connected to others?

September 30, 2005

Norman Park, Georgia-- Investigators are looking into whether an attack in Norman Park is connected to several deaths in Tift County.

Just before 3:00 Friday morning, a man and his wife were attacked in their mobile home off of Weeks Street. The man was beaten with a baseball bat and shot. The woman was beaten and raped. They both survived and have become the most recent victims in a string of home invasions in Colquitt County.

A crime scene pinpointing the shooting and rape is a scene out of the ordinary there. "I was totally shocked. I could not believe that in my community something like this could happen," says resident, Jerry Meister.

But it did, when two men broke into and robbed the couple. "They took the Hispanic male, took him in the back room, shot him in the head and hit him in the head with a ball bat. He's in Archbold Hospital at this time. His condition I don't know," says Colquitt County Sheriff's Investigator, Captain Hal Suber.

Investigators say the men also raped the victim's wife. "She's got some bruises and stuff, but she's going to be ok," says Suber.

The only solid clue investigators have at this point is a dollar bill one of the suspects dropped as he was entering the mobile home. They're hoping to lift a fingerprint off of it. "All we have at this moment is two black males, no size or weight," says Suber.

This case marks the fifth home invasion targeting Hispanics in Colquitt since the beginning of last month. Investigators don't know if they're connected. "We've got several investigators working on them. So far, they haven't been violent in the cases until last night," says Suber.

Investigators don't know why last night was different. Regardless, it was a night Norman Park hasn't seen one like in decades. "It has been 20 years. Since anything of this magnitude happened," says Norman Park Police Chief, Larry Jenkins. "We don't worry about our children. But this will change a lot of that," adds Meister. The stepped up patrols police are starting immediately might help remedy that.

There were three children in the mobile home when the men broke in. Police say that fortunately, none of them were hurt.

Please call the Sylvester GBI Post at 229-777-2080, or the Georgia State Patrol at 229-430-4248, or 911.


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