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A web site for geeks

September 30, 2005

By: Mike Hegedus

Undated--You know it just by looking at him. Come on, you may not say it, but you're thinking it.  Scott Smith is as geek!

Scott Smith's web site, thinkgeek.com, a six year old Fairfax Virginia based e-commerce business that Smith founded with three other "geeks" all working back then in the IT department.

This stuff is what you'll find on the web site, t-shirts, glowing usb port driven snowmen, and they sell quite a bit of it. Well, quite a bit may be an understatement.

The other nice thing about geeks, they spend their money online, apparently buying a lot of Scott Smith's stuff. A million dollars in inventory moving through the dot com distribution center in Edison, New Jersey at any one time.

Thinkgeek is growing by double digits every year.  Items it finds in the far reaches of the Internet, and brings together under one geeky umbrella, like a highly caffinated drink called "Bawls".

There's the usb port driven fish tank, the faceless keyboard, no letters or numbers, think about that. Turns out that geeks are a demographic unto themselves, big and growing to the point that open source giant OSTG bought thinkgeek.

About thirty products are added to the line monthly, in some cases, you can get a jolt, and get clean all at once.

Geeks, you gotta love 'em, and sell to them.

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