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Phoebe contributes to Katrina relief

September 29, 2005

Albany- One south Georgia business is going the extra mile to help with the Katrina relief effort. Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital is giving to the Hurricane victims in a number of different ways. More than a dozen evacuees displaced from jobs and their homes have found employment with Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital.

"I just decided to go to the human resource department, just filled out an application, they told me about this position open," said Channel Felt of Jefferson Parish, LA.

Katrina evacuee Dashia Jackson had no job to go back to so she's starting a new life in Albany along with a new job in the Emergency Center.

"It will take at least six months to start up again, because we were completely under water," said Dashia Jackson of Jefferson Parish, LA.

Channel is also training this week in Phoebe's Care Card program. Her new employer has been helpful with the relocation effort.

"They offered me like free meals in the cafeteria, they offered me a place to stay in a hotel when we first got here, they offered to help me with the place I moved with," said Felt.

The hospital also postponed the employees annual fall picnic until spring and instead will contribute the cost of the picnic towards the relief effort.

"We have chosen to postpone that picnic and take close to 100 thousand dollars from the hospital," said Jim Hobson, Phoebe Putney C.O.O.

The hospital is also making it easy for employees to contribute, and hope to raise more than the $100,000.

"They can take the vacation time that they may normally take over the course of the year and contribute the vacation time and we'll turn that ultimately into cash and then we'll contribute that through the V.H.A.," said Hobson.

The hospital will then send the donation to the Volunteer Hospital Association. The V.H.A. will make sure that money is sent to hospital in the gulf region and their workers affected by Katrina. Twenty two hundred hospitals in the United States participate in the Volunteer Hospital Association. Many Phoebe employee's families benefited from the V.H.A Fund during the 1994 flooding.



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