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Gas passes $3.00 a gallon

September 29, 2005

Lee County-- As gas prices go, so go other prices for everything from groceries to clothes. That makes planning and staying on budget a big head-ache.

These days, pulling up to the gas pump is like hoping on a roller coaster. You never now what to expect, with prices go up and down almost daily. And with prices this high, no one is unaffected.

Before Keith Russell starts his route as a Buffalo Rock delivery man, he's already driven 30 miles from Poulan. "About 45 minutes there, 45 minutes back so an hour and a half round trip," Russell says. "I'm paying about $90 to $100 on gas a week."

That's double what he paid for gas this time last year, when he started working at Buffalo Rock. "I have three kids and a wife in school. I'm the only one working. I work about 12 to 13 hour days now that the gas went up."

To cover the added cost of fuel, his family cut back on their spending on other things. "No more going out to eat, no more shopping - just necessities, for now."

He looks forward to the day his wife graduates from college and can pull in another paycheck. "Ready to get some fun back. Ready to go out to eat at a nice restaurants, not just McDonald's."

But right now is all work and little play for Russell. High gas prices force him to worker longer days stocking candy, so he can support the sweetest part of his life, his family.

Keith Russell told me today that he and his wife are looking to move to Albany to save money on the long commute.

Russell, of course, is not alone. Most of the drivers we talked to in the last few days say they've had to cut back on unnecessary expenses, liking eat out and going to the movies, to pay for gas.