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Gas taxes return soon

September 29, 2005

Valdosta - Filling up her Chevy Tahoe is breaking the bank for Amanda Spivey. "It will be about $70.00," said Spivey.

And when the weekend rolls around, she'll be spending even more. As of Friday at midnight, Georgia's gas tax returns. "I think they should keep it out, people need the break," said Spivey.

"It's going to cost even more, every day," said Travis Gibbs.

Governor Perdue suspended the state's gas tax on September second to give Georgia motorists a much needed break. When it goes back into effect, you can count on a price jump of about 15 cents per gallon. "I'll just try to make it and say God provide," said Latanya Butler.

The tax returns at a time when gas prices seem to be climbing faster than ever. "Saturday I got it for $2.59 and now its $3.29," said Spivey.

The cheapest gas we found in town was at the Phillips 66 station on St. Augustine Road. It's $2.79 a gallon. But across town at the Shell Station on Inner Perimeter, its $3.29. That has many motorists wondering, why the big price gap? "I don't know whether its the oil refineries or people just being greedy," said Butler.

Gas Station Owner Andy Makda says its a little bit of both. "The oil companies are the first one, they took a 48 cent increase just in the last two nights," said Makda.

He paid his supplier $2.94 per gallon today, and that's what he's charging motorists. But $3.29 a gallon, he says that just doesn't make sense. "This is today's cost so even if you add your five cent profit margin, you should be $3.05 or so," said Makda.

And to make matters worse, the price may jump again soon. The gasoline tax is based on the wholesale price, so it may rise a few cents more on November 1st.


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