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Gang expert shares information

September 29, 2005

Albany- Gang activity in the area may seem to be on the rise, but an expert with the Albany Police Department, Lt. James Williams, says their is a solution.

 "The number one way to combat gangs is to get involved with your child life and to be active in reporting any types of incidents."

But for some parents, the hardest thing is knowing what to look for. Some suggestions may mean paying more attention to what your child wears. If your child refuses to wear certain colors or buy certain colors, than that is a sign.

A change in attitude, grades dropping, or a change in friends can also be to blame. Lt. Williams suggests, "Go with your kids to events, stay involved and active in your child life letting them know that you want to do stuff with them too, and that you care."

The number one reason for children entering into gangs is peer pressure. For teachers who have students they suspect are involved with gangs, Lt. Williams recommends, "Write down a log and keep a report of every incident their involved with so you can have an incidence report to give police."

The number reason for decline according to Lt. Williams, "Is the community support, letting us know when they see gang activities, calling us and getting educated on what to look for, and lastly talking about it, and making it public."

Groups and organizations are asked to contact the police, and anyone who would like to have Lt. Williams speak to their kids can call him at 229-431-2183.


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