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Madness at south Georgia gas pumps

September 28, 2005

High rising gas prices are starting to get to some people. At gas stations today, the price has jumped almost 20 cents per gallon, and it's expected to jump again soon. Drivers say the situation is getting out of hand.

There were long lines for gas at the Express Lane store on Sylvester Road this evening, because of the station's low price on gas. Clerks had to call police when almost thirty customers began arguing about cars breaking in line. 

Nearby, the Chevron station on Lockett Station Road ran out of gas.

 "Just like anybody who had a cell phone, they call and say we got gas over here for this price, so they'll come and get gas," says a frustrated Ted Glover.

Glover visits this station often and says the store had such a low price on gas that it ran out before dark.

"Usually this one runs out the later part of the afternoon, so come during your lunch or come early," warns Glover.

Many south Georgians are surprised over the nation's gas situation.  Along with high gas prices, some stations are experiencing shortages. 

 "I think it's crazy," says Cynthia Scott.

Cynthia Scott is a cashier at the Shell gas station in Albany, and says customers are getting fed up with the high prices.

 "They're definitely mad about it. They're upset about it. They're rude about it, especially since they have to pre-pay now,"says Scott.

Customers have to pre-pay because once gas prices soared, so did drive offs.

"When the gas was going up, people was driving off every five minutes," she says.

Earlier today the Shell gas station on Old Dawson Road had gas for $2.79 now it's $2.93.

"I understand we're running low on oil on stuff but something's got to give," says driver Michael Mortino.  It costs Mortino nearly $70  to fill his truck.

"You have to buy gas i mean you can't ride without it. So you're going to have to pay for what they want."

 While Mortino longs for the days of cheaper gas, Shell cashier Cynthia Scott says don't expect that to happen.

"I don't think so. It's probably going to keep going up," she says.

The price at the pump will soar again Saturday, when the state gasoline tax is added back on to each gallon again. Governor Sonny Perdue's executive order lifting the gas tax ends October 1.



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