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Family, friends welcome Marine Reservists home from Iraq

September 28, 2005

Dougherty County -- A dozen members of the Detachment II supply company left Albany in January and spent three months training at Camp Lejeune, from there they headed to Iraq.

Now they have returned to family, friends, and comrades who have been anxiously awaiting their return.

Music, hugs, and the faces of loved ones. These Marine reservists say they're definitely glad to be back home. "It's great. It's wonderful. We've been looking forward to this for a while," says Cpl. Jason Martin.

Martin celebrated his 23rd birthday in Iraq on September 11th serving side-by-side with his best friend Lance Cpl. Todd Laufenburger. "Sometimes we fought like cats and dogs, but I wouldn't have traded it for anything. He was good to go," says Laufenburger.

Now that they're back home the two say they can't wait for some home-cooking. "Mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, pork chops, macaroni and cheese. Anything that doesn't come from a chow hall or an MRE!"

Lance Cpl. Lisa Weeks also has something to look forward to, her wedding. "We pushed it back since I was deployed, so it's going to be a lot different planning," says Weeks.

She has a lot to plan before next June, but is just happy to be home with her soon-to-be husband and step-daughter. "It was amazing when I first saw her because she was a lot smaller. Now when I get back she's already up to my hip. It's pretty awesome," Weeks says.

After enduring 120-degree heat and putting their lives on the line, the Marines are thankful they all returned safely. "We all went and brought everybody home so that's the main thing. The Marines did a great job. They did a great job," says Gunnery Sgt. Mark Clark.

A job they say they are proud to do.

The 12 members of the Detachment II group will spend four days on leave before returning to the base. They are part of the supply management unit and took care of equipment needed for operating bases in Iraq and running convoys.


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